barque Bostonian

A little time was spent, recently, tracking down the owner of the ship that wrecked in 1850 along the Oregon coast and tracing the history of the ship. First, the owner was H.D. Gardiner; the ship was the barque Bostonian.

This post deals with details (see H.D. Gardiner post) that have been collected. There is a list in chronological order below (it’ll be updated as we find more information) both of facts about the Bostonian and later reports.

Summary: The barque left from Boston (1849, but we need to scrutinize the departure date) and arrived in San Francisco in 1849 with a load of liquor. Then, the barque is next seen in New Zealand where it got the load that it had at the time of the shipwreck. Prior to 1849, the barque had been involved with commercial interests along the Atlantic cost.

barque, Bostonian 
  • ….  snip, snip,
  • ….. article being written using this material for The Essex Genealogist, May 2015 issue
  • 04/08/2017 — See TGA, Vol. II, No. 1 – pg 11, for the Timeline.

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